Sell Your House & Move? Or Update & Stay in the Home You Love?

The natural movement through home ownership is most likely something that at some point we all face. It goes a little something like this:   Buy your first home with your wife / life partner /significant other (YAY!) Grow your family Run out of space Just when you really start to fall in love with […]

You’re an Entrepreneur & Business Owner, who has a storefront or office. JP Architects Ltd. Can Make It Into Your Dream Office & Help Differentiate Your Business from the Others!

Earlier this year, we wrote about how commercial renovations and remodels make you more attractive to the public, your clients and prospective clients. Well, I wanted to take the opportunity and highlight this topic again.   We have all heard of the American Dream – build your own business from the ground up and make […]

JP Architects, Ltd. on The Importance of Strategic Partnerships and How to Cultivate Them?

Upon starting JP Architects, Ltd., I knew that cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with builders, organizations, business owners, interior designers and construction industry professionals was going to be crucial to succeeding.   According to this Forbes article, a whopping 80% of businesses fail within the first 18 months. I did not want to become part of […]

Commercial Renovations / Remodel? JP Architects Ltd. has YOU Covered

You may be thinking your office is perfect how it is. You may also be thinking your exterior image and façade doesn’t affect your brand or how people perceive you.   Well, my expertise and experience as a commercial architect tells me that your office atmosphere and exterior image greatly affect how employees, the public, […]