Public Planning / Capital Improvement

The Premier Architecture Solution for State and City Agencies and Institutions

JP Architects, Ltd. is actively pursuing public planning / capital improvement architectural projects. We recently completed our first Chicago Public Schools project, where we designed and renovated 17 schools' existing classrooms to fit the needs of PreK / Early Learning Environments. Design accounted for upgrades to the electrical, plumbing and ADA compliance for water fountains, sinks and bathrooms, casework installation, flooring replacement, lighting upgrades and painting of classrooms. In addition to Chicago Public Schools, JP Architects, Ltd. completed programming and 3D rendering for two facilities -- a non-profit performing arts center and tech incubator -- so our client could use the renderings to obtain funding and community support.

We look forward to connecting with decision makers and providing our architectural solutions throughout Chicagoland and North and Central Illinois. Let's connect!


Experience with: Life/Safety Plans, Facilities Master Planning, Space Utilization Studies, Facilities Condition Assessments, Roof Replacements, Facility New Construction, Facility Renovation, Interior Renovation, Cost Estimating, Project & Bid Scheduling, Answering Questions through Addendum, Reviewing and Approving Bid Submittals, Performing Construction Observation, Reviewing Payment Requests, Developing Punch Lists for Closeout, Attending Close-Out Meetings Where Warranty Is Issued and more. 


Public Planning, Capital Improvement, City & State Agencies, Institutions, Education