This is a photo for our blog about Diversity. It shows our diverse team.

Our Culture: Diversity…JP Architects, Ltd.’s Differentiator

REALIZE the Possibilities. DESIGN Your Reality. INFLUENCE Your Life & Community.   Diversity is a major aspect of JP Architects, Ltd.’s culture. We are fully committed to diversity, equity and inclusion as a firm, and here’s the thing….we don’t just say this. Our actions truly support our words.   This starts internally with our hiring […]

JP Architects, Ltd. on The Importance of Strategic Partnerships and How to Cultivate Them?

Upon starting JP Architects, Ltd., I knew that cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with builders, organizations, business owners, interior designers and construction industry professionals was going to be crucial to succeeding.   According to this Forbes article, a whopping 80% of businesses fail within the first 18 months. I did not want to become part of […]

Jose R. Pareja, AIA – More Than Just a Small Business Owner

In our first blog entry, I mentioned how I am at a point in my career where I feel like I can give back and benefit the future generation of architects and the architecture community.   Having been involved with many projects and small to large architecture firms, I have a wealth of information to […]

What Process Does JP Architects, Ltd. Use?

When obtaining a new client there a process that we follow at JP Architects, Ltd. This allows us to have consistency with each project and help the client understand the length of time that a project is expected to take. However, before we even enter this process there is one step that I would like […]

An Introduction to JP Architects, Ltd.

JP Architects, Ltd. Principal Owner, Jose Pareja, has endured quite the journey to an entrepreneur. This interview will give you some insight into his life history, passion about his work, involvement in the community, love for architecture and favorite aspect of working with his clients.   Q: What is your life story and history in […]