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How Architectural Design Can Make Your Addition Appear As If It Has Always Been Part of Your Home!

When adding addition to your home, you’re making the decision to stay in the neighborhood and house you love for the foreseeable future! That’s great, but don’t you want this investment in your home to appear as tasteful, modern and aesthetic?


Well through some very simple and affordable design features, JP Architects Ltd. will be able to blend the addition with your home – making it appear as if it has always been there.


Our designs account for the brick to siding transition that we so often see occur with traditional additions.


It is our goal to avoid this traditional ‘look’ as we believe it isn’t the best aesthetic. So using architectural design, we developed a solution because when your investing your hard-earned money, you should wake up everyday knowing that your home looks good! We added a little ‘covering’ over the area where the addition and brick meet to make it flow. Simple, Tasteful & Affordable!

Evergreen Park Exterior Remodel with Covering to Blend Brick and Siding

Evergreen Park Remodel / Addition with Covering to Blend Brick to Siding Transition


Furthermore, by using the services of an architecture firm, like JP Architects Ltd. in Oak Lawn, you can ensure that your design isn’t simply just a box placed on top of the existing structure. Adding peaks on the roofline and design details like braces, decorative moldings & columns can really change the aesthetic and make your investment standout from the other and look modern – something no one has seen before as these designs are unique to your situation!


Peaks in the Roofline Example

Example of Addition that contains peaks on the roofline and design details like braces, decorative moldings & columns!


Plus when you’re finally ready to sell, you’re home has some unique value. At the end of the day, you will be able to look at it as money well spent, rather than, you had to spend the money because your family was growing and you wanted to stay in your home and neighborhood.


The bottom line is that through tasteful design an architect can make your addition appear as if it has always been part of your home! So there is no need to settle for the basic, traditional, box-like addition anymore. Your solution has arrived!


Give us a call today at 708.907.3651 to discuss your needs. JP Architects Ltd. is here to serve you and design modern structures that standout & inspire the way you live, work and learn!




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