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Christian Pereda, RA, LEED AP


Cubs, Sox or Other?

I graduated from IIT and I have a sweet spot for the White Sox. Before moving into the Bridgeport neighborhood, I was not a baseball fan – Now I can say that the team and neighborhood made me appreciate baseball with all the great memories and time spent at Guaranteed Rate Field.


Favorite Aspect of Working at JP?

My favorite aspect of working with JP architects is the engagement of the team that is sparked by the clients we collaborate with. I have the pleasure of working with a very diverse team with different backgrounds and expertise, together we focus on solutions that fit every project’s uniqueness.


Fun Fact About You

I was born in Illinois, but I lived most of my childhood in Durango, Mexico. My extended family and parents live in Durango now and I visit frequently. I recommend Durango to anyone that enjoys scenic views of the mountain range, a countryside lifestyle, and rich history that is still present today in the colonial architecture of the city center.


What Do You Love About Architecture / Design?

I love the impact that architecture has on the environment and people, making every project an opportunity for a special moment. The special moment can simply be the way the sun changes the texture and color of a wall throughout the day.