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Jay Miranda


Cubs, Sox, or Other?



Favorite Aspect of Working at JP

Love the work and life balance. I appreciate how the office cares and supports social activities and family time. As busy as we are with our variety of work, it’s an important aspect of maintaining a truly healthy working environment.


Fun Fact About You

I came to the US two decades years ago after years of work in Singapore. Lived, worked, and traveled all through the Southeast Asian region doing what I am passionate about, architecture and design. I love our 4 seasons here and the types of different activities each season brings. I like to grill, cook, the outdoors, and movies!


What Do You Love About Architecture / Design?

I love the way this industry influences, inspires, and improves our lifestyle. I welcome the challenges every project brings and the opportunity to collaborate, innovate, and be creative. The satisfaction of witnessing an idea and a concept come to life, the impact it brings on our culture that can last for more than a generation.