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Omar Gutierrez


Cubs, Sox or Other?

I was born and raised in the Chicago southside, and my dad was a big baseball Fan before coming to the U.S., specifically a Sox fan since we only lived a couple miles away from Comiskey Park. I got to go to a couple games before he passed so I’ve been a Sox Fan since in his honor. Go Sox!


Favorite Aspect of Working at JP

The JP work atmosphere is great. Great support and a well-organized team. One can really feel welcomed and supported by everyone here.


Fun Fact About You

I’ve watched every single World Cup since 1998 and been a huge soccer fan since! Hope to attend one in person one day!


What Do You Love About Architecture / Design?

What I love about architecture and design is that we can bring people’s ideas, visions, and dreams to life. Everyone needs a place to live, for their business, and/or organization or education. We can help bring things ground up, we can help restore damages or remodel people’s spaces to their liking. Architecture is all around us and a big part of our lives even if we might not think so.