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Residential Matters: Addition or New Construction? They’re Both Viable Solutions for More Space

This is shows a New Construction home and addition which relates to the entire blog about which option is best for you

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There’s two architectural design solutions to address your homes lack of space and accommodate your life now and in the future. Understanding the differences between a new construction project and addition is step 1 in determining which works best for your situation.


So here are some aspects of each to think about while you make your decision:


New Home Construction:

  1. Addresses space needs and if done properly will give you comfortability and flexibility, now and in the future
  2. You can make it your dream home – whatever you want
  3. Excavation and concrete foundation are necessary parts of the process. This = $$$$
  4. There are different building requirements and local ordinances in place for new construction
  5. All finishes must be selected
  6. Expensive, especially if a custom home
  7. Have to find a lot for your home and potentially leave your neighborhood
  8. Extended timeline


Residential Addition:

  1. You stay in the community you love and influence your life and those around you with the investment
  2. With creative, but functional and tasteful design, you will have a ‘new home’ and be the talk of the town
  3. Addresses space needs, now and in the future, without the expense of excavation and concrete foundation
  4. Can add rear addition, second story addition and other options
  5. Can renovate other areas of the home while adding addition; including, exterior, main floor, kitchen, basement and more – making your current home into a dream home
  6. Limited by the space available on your lot and local building requirements
  7. More affordable than new construction, but still a massive investment in your home and life
  8. Rest of home may have to be brought up to modern-day ‘code’


There might be aspects of each that seem appealing. However, to truly determine which is best for your situation, we recommend bringing in the professionals. A residential architect, like JP Architects Ltd., can provide solutions for your specific situation. Knowing whether your ‘needs’ can be addressed within the confines of your current home compared to a new construction will make your decision clearer.

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution for homeowners. We’re seeing an uptick in both new construction and addition design. At the end of the day, both solutions address the same issue – the homeowner has run out of space and lost comfortability and functionality. The choice comes down to preference, knowledge of what can be done, budget and expectations.


So our advice is to explore all your options. And this doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process. At JP Architects Ltd., we’ve established a process that gives you answers within the first, initial meeting.


If you’re a homeowner who’s ran out of space and your home is no longer comfortable or functional, proceed to step 2, and talk with a residential architect about design solutions that will address your needs now and in the future.


Until next time,


Jose R. Pareja, AIA

JP Architects, Ltd. was founded in 2015 by Jose R. Pareja, AIA. We specialize in and are passionate about residential design, commercial architecture and public sector planning / capital improvement projects. Located at 7250 College Dr., Palos Heights, IL 60463, we serve North and Central Illinois. We complete hundreds of projects per year and bring sound principles of design, resourcefulness, reliability, unmatched quality and enthusiasm to each project. JP Architects, Ltd. realizes the possibilities, designs your reality and influences your life and community.

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