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Residential Matters: Split-Level Addition Solution

This is the cover image of the rendering for the the split-level addition

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Situation: You’re a homeowner and your split-level home no longer fits your needs. So what do you do? The answer is simple…You either move or build an addition onto your current residence.

Common Homeowner Question: How do you add an addition onto a split-level home? I didn’t know that was an option.

Solution: This blog will explore our previous design work in regards to split-level additions and act as a case study for split-level homeowners who are interested in adding an addition.


This is an image of how our customers split-level home looked prior to the addition
Split-Level Home Prior To The Addition


The above photo is the original image of one of our South Suburb of Chicago client’s split-level home.  Their family was growing and this home wasn’t going to be able to accommodate their needs any longer. The homeowners were also looking to add a master retreat to this traditional suburb home. So, we got to work on designing a solution to accommodate the homeowners needs, now and in the future.


This is an image of the Final Floor Plans our client's split-level addition


During design, the question JP Architects, Ltd. had to answer was “how do you maximize space without affecting the existing floor plan of the home?” The solution we developed placed an addition over the front level (family room) of the home. The stairway leading to the three bedrooms on the existing ‘second level’ acted as the anchor for the new stairway up to the master retreat. With this creative design solution, we didn’t lose any space in the existing floorplan. This is a JP Architects, Ltd. staple, and we believe design details like this are critical to long-term functionality of the home.

In addition to the master retreat, the addition floor plan included an extra room for office space since this homeowner worked from home. While currently connected to the master suite, this office was designed in a way that it could become a fifth bedroom – simply by adding a door off the hallway. When a homeowner makes a substantial investment into their life with an addition, it is our duty to design a space that stands the test of time and is attractive to future buyers, in the case where the current homeowner decides to sell. This is prime example of that.


So there’s the answer to the ‘common homeowner question’ we posed at the beginning of this blog. With the right residential architect by your side, you can add an addition onto a split-level home, make it look as if it’s always been part of your home, maximize space within your existing & new addition floorplans and influence your life and the community around you.


An Added Value: All JP Architects, Ltd. designs are unique to the homeowner. We do not just place a ‘box’ on top of your home and call it an addition. We address your specific needs through design and provide a solution that stands out from the rest.


Check out some photos of the home during construction and the finished product below.


This is an image of the full completed addition
Completed Addition Front View


This image is a side view of the addition showing that it blends into the existing home
Side View of Addition Showing How It Looks As If It Has Always Been Part of The Home


This is an image of the front of the home with upgraded brick work below the window and columns at the entry
Front of the Home with Upgraded Brick Work Below the Window and Columns at the Entry


This design accommodated our client’s desire for a master retreat and better overall home functionality. Your situation may call for something completely different. JP Architects, Ltd. can help you REALIZE what’s possible – 708.907.3651.




Until Next Time,


Jose R. Pareja, AIA

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