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Sell Your House & Move? Or Update & Stay in the Home You Love?

The natural movement through home ownership is most likely something that at some point we all face. It goes a little something like this:


  1. Buy your first home with your wife / life partner /significant other (YAY!)
  2. Grow your family
  3. Run out of space

Just when you really start to fall in love with your home and neighborhood, you realize that you are running out of space and your home is no longer something you can ‘grow into!’


Now, there are two routes you can take. You can either uproot your whole family and life (we don’t recommend this) or you can choose to invest in your home and neighborhood and make it an space that not only accounts for your needs now but also in the future.


Now, we’re not saying this is easy, but with the help of J.P. Architects, Ltd., we can ensure that you will again love your home and see it as a place to grow into.




Well, when you choose to work with JP Architects Ltd., we will use our architectural design capabilities to create a space that is unique to your needs. Are you looking for open concept living? We have you covered! An addition? We have you covered! A complete teardown and rebuild? We have you covered! AND the list goes on.


Full Remodel / Addition Inside and Out on Mt. Greenwood Home

(Complete Outside & First Floor Remodel with Addition design – Mt. Greenwood, IL)

Example of Split Level Remodel

(Solution to Split Level Home Addition – Oak Lawn, IL)


Complete Tear Down and Rebuild of Addison Home

(Teardown to foundation and Rebuild design – Addison, IL)


Evergreen Park Remodel and Addition

(Outside & first floor remodel and addition design – Evergreen Park, IL)



An architecture firm like JP Architects, Ltd. will allow you to see what is possible. So before you make the decision to move out of your home / neighborhood and find a new place to live, review all your options. You may find that staying put is the better, smarter investment for your family and future.


Until Next Time,


Jose R. Pareja, AIA


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