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Our Team


JP Architects, Ltd. is a growing, diverse architectural firm specializing in restaurant design, commercial architecture, and public planning projects. We have a young and vibrant team led by leadership who is progressive in their management style. At JP Architects, Ltd. we focus on our biggest asset…our employees. Our current team is comprised of 10 employees – many of them have been with the firm since 2017. We attribute this to our attractive work/life balance policy. Our systems are cloud-based so if there is a family emergency/function or personal matter to tend to, we provide our employees the opportunity to be present and attentive to life occurrences.


At JP Architects, Ltd., we REALIZE. the Possibilities, DESIGN. Your Reality and INFLUENCE. Your Life and Community. We’ve put great effort into planning for the company’s future and achieving our aggressive growth projections. Our reputation is built upon consistency, quality, timeliness, reliability, creativity, and functional design. Joining our team is the PERFECT opportunity for someone who’s looking to be an essential team member of a growing company.


JP Architects, Ltd. offers employees:


  • Competitive pay
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Attractive work/life balance policy
  • Suburban, Central IL, and Chicago office location
  • Full payment of continued learning classes and membership organization fees
  • Paid vacation and sick days
  • National holidays off
  • An opportunity to work within a variety of design verticals. You are not solely focused on one area


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