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Work-Life Balance. Client-Focused. Commitment to Diversity.


JP Architects, Ltd.'s culture is built around 2 core beliefs – these remain true and relevant from the inception of the company to the present day.


  1. Our partners always come first and the communications and experience we provide reflect that. 
  2. Our employees deserve to have work/life balance, which means the ability to be present for life events while also having the opportunity to complete work from where they are when life calls.


JP Architects, Ltd. is a client-focused design solution


Regardless of the size of your project, you don’t get lost in the fold at JP Architects, Ltd. We truly live by the saying “You’re only as good as your last project.”


This drives us to provide a consistent solution for our clients, and when you come to JP Architects, Ltd. you can expect quality, timeliness, reliability, creativity, and functional design solutions.



One last point – JP Architects, Ltd. is, and always has been, committed to diversity. Internally, eight of our employees are minorities. JP Architects, Ltd. is a certified Minority Business Enterprise in the State of Illinois and Cook County.


JP Architects, Ltd. has a presence on the Hispanic American Construction Association Scholarship Committee and other Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. We don’t just say we support diversity; our actions truly reflect our words.




Our Team

Jose R. Pareja, AIA
Jose founded JP Architects, Ltd. with the intent to provide a better experience for our clients and employees. He is knowledgeable about all aspects of design and is responsible for managing our relationships with our public planning and commercial architecture partners. Learn more about Jose below.
Ariel Delao
Vice President
Ariel heads our restaurant design arm. He is knowledgeable about all aspects of restaurant design and is responsible for managing our relationships with our restaurant partners. Learn more about Ariel below.
Jay Miranda
Associate Principal, Design Lead
Jay is responsible for conceptualization and overall design for our partners. Jay has a wealth of knowledge and design experience from many years of designing some of America's most iconic brands. Learn more about Jay below.
Eric Overland
Project Manager
Eric is one of the original JP Architects, Ltd. employees. Eric manages our residential arm and provides support on all verticals, as well. Eric is currently in the process of testing for his Architect license. Learn more about Eric below.
Ricardo Chaidez
Project Manager
Ricardo joined JP Architects, Ltd. in 2020. For quite a while, Ricardo was a virtual employee because of remote work. Ricardo manages our public planning projects and is integral to their success. Learn more about Ricardo below.
Omar Gutierrez
Architectural Associate
Omar joined JP Architects, Ltd. as an Architectural Intern in May of 2022. Omar intends to continue to support JP Architects, Ltd.'s design efforts while he finishes his last year of school. Learn more about Omar below.
Efrain Araujo
Architectural Associate
Efrain joined the team in August of 2023. Efrain is a graduate from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He has a deep of Revit and supports our design efforts on our public projects. Learn more about Efrain below.
Marta Kogucki
Architectural Associate
Marta joined the team in October of 2023. Marta is a new graduate from the University of Minnesota and is tasked with supporting our public projects. Learn more about Marta below.
Colin Balbach
Architectural Associate
Colin joined the team in October 2023. He is a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Colin provides drawing support for our public and restaurant design projects. Learn more about Colin below.
Nick Gulino
Marketing Director
As JP Architects, Ltd. Chief Communicator, Nick is responsible for relationship building / networking, business development, proposal creation and marketing efforts. Learn more about Nick below.
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