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Ricardo Chaidez


Cubs, Sox or Other?

I do not really follow sports, but my dad likes the Cubs, so I grew up liking them as well.


Favorite Aspect of Working at JP

Respect. This is all encompassing and the full extent of the word. Respect in the professional realm of ideas, values and as a person. Though, there is also respect and care for the individual. There is a job to get done but people are also people with lives and interests outside of work and that is considered here.


Fun Fact About You

I enjoy playing video games and watching movies. Both of these foster creativity and I felt like beyond being fun in their own rights, helps full my creative side.


What Do You Love About Architecture / Design?

The ability of architecture and design to morph into anything. Just to think of it being as small as a thumb tack to as big as the whole world. It is very flexible and can be used to solve a vast range of problems and criteria, which leads to the fun part of creating new things everyday.