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Juan Aguilar


Cubs, Sox, or Other?

White Sox. But you can’t beat a good time in Wrigleyville after a Cubs game!


Favorite Aspect of Working at JP

What I enjoy the most working at JP Architects is the opportunities and support the company offers. In my short time with JP Architects, I’ve had the chance to work on a variety of different projects that continues to strengthen my knowledge in the diverse field of architecture. With every new opportunity that arises, I am confident the team at JP Architects is there to support, educate, and help us advance our careers. They genuinely want everyone to succeed. 


Fun Fact About You

I enjoy studying the Real Estate Market. I spend more time on Zillow than I care to admit, and I can be found listening to Real Estate Investing Podcasts quite often. I can say my love for the Real Estate world has helped me stay on top of ongoing design trends and diversifying my designer lens when working on schematic designs for clients.


What do you love about architecture/design? 

I love how diverse the field of architecture is and the ability to create meaningful designs for various projects. What I enjoy the most about designing is the collaborative process between the clients and consultants and being able to design the best solution to make the clients vision come to life is always rewarding to me.