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Chicago Performing
Arts Center

JP Architects, Ltd. provided design services for 3D rendering and program creation at multiple sites. JP Architects, Ltd. is working with Soundtrack Community Development and Talent Enhancement -- a non-profit organization in Chicago -- to bring their dreams of establishing a Performing Arts Center in the Englewood neighborhood into reality. The client needed marketing materials and concept development to build support from community leaders and members. Ultimately, our rendering resulted in our client receiveing a donation of a 3-building former glue factory. 



The two images you see above are the site that was donated and the proposed site plan that will transform this into a functional, welcoming destination for the Chicago and the Englewood neighborhood.

This is the initial rendering that JP Architects, Ltd. produced for our client -- ultimately resulting in the donation of the site highlighted above. One unique elements of this rendering is the metal panels form soundwaves.