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JP Architects, Ltd. is Paisans Pizzeria's architectural partner.

Paisans is currently undertaking many projects -- new construction, renovation and addition -- and opening multiple new locations across Chicagoland and the surrounding suburbs. JP Architects, Ltd. is responsible for concept and prototype development for each site, comprehensive design services, kitchen design, interior design, environmental design, permit and bid-ready construction documents, vendor coordination and finish selection. We are by Paisans side each step of the way turning their vision into reality.

The interior of Paisans Pizzeria & Bar is very unique because it combines all of the client's interests - metal work, vehicles and restaurants. In a Paisans Pizzeria, you will be greeted with an ambiance and aesthetic that includes vehicles, bikes, metal finishes, unique lighting and modern touches.

At Paisans flagship location in Oak Lawn, they wanted something BIG that would stand out and make them a known brand within the community. That big item is a Paisans branded semi-truck food truck. JP Architects, Ltd. designed an all glass storefront garage that will house the truck and allow entrance and exit for the truck so that it can be utilized for events.

JP Architects, Ltd. has been tasked with creating multiple concepts and prototypes for Paisans Pizzeria and Bar. Our Design Lead and Associate Principal, Jay Miranda, has uniquely designed each location to represent the Paisans brand and provide them with concepts that take them into the future. This is Paisans future location at Palmer and Cicero in Chicago.