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You’re an Entrepreneur & Business Owner, who has a storefront or office. JP Architects Ltd. Can Make It Into Your Dream Office & Help Differentiate Your Business from the Others!

Earlier this year, we wrote about how commercial renovations and remodels make you more attractive to the public, your clients and prospective clients. Well, I wanted to take the opportunity and highlight this topic again.


We have all heard of the American Dream - build your own business from the ground up and make a living for yourself. Anyone can do it! Well, once you make that decision to move out of the basement and into an office or storefront, you'll need to make a strategic decision about its location, condition and potential.


While on your search for the perfect storefront or office, you'll quickly realize that it's hard to find your dream location with the current and available infrastructure. Trust me, I personally went through the search, and it is extremely difficult to find your dream / ideal location within a reasonable budget --- which brings me to my next point!


As a new entrepreneur / business owner, you're better off finding a property that could use a little love. It is most likely in your budget, and you should just look at this property as a blank slate. You know what they say on those home remodel shows "you can get everything you want if you consider a remodel or renovation." This is where my architecture services come into play.


We can take your new blank slate property and turn it into your vision (if it will all work & is legal). Through architectural design, we can give you a space that is functional and attractive. You've taken the great leap to chase the American Dream & into the world of entrepreneurship. Now let us help you set yourself up for years of success by designing an office or storefront that fits not only your needs, but also the needs of your customers and prospects!


This image is the design documents of the Dental Office JP Architects, Ltd. Renovated

This image shows a commercial renovation JP Architects, Ltd. did for a business in Evergreen Park, Illinois


JP Architects Ltd. has previously worked with and designed dentist offices, storefronts, insurance agencies and restaurants. You can see those images above! We are capable of using our architectural services to design any commercial space or undertake any commercial renovation / remodel and we would love to help you make your American dream come true!


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Jose R. Pareja, AIA