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Business Owner

Business Owner: How To Distinguish Your Cafe Lounge or Commercial Build-Out with the Help of a Design Partner

This blog highlights how an architecture firm can help differentiate your business from others. From design details and finishes to creative and functional floor plans, our team can bring your vision into reality.

Optometry Office Build-Out

JP Architects, Ltd. provided design services on an Optometry Office Build-Out in Palos Heights, IL. This is our case study. Premier Family Vision Care obtained a building that was previously an accountant / professional service office. Imagine — An older office building straight out of the 1980s.

Business Owner: The Five Most Frequently Asked Questions

For each commercial build-out, renovation, addition or new construction, we receive some of the same questions, over and over again. So we thought - why not make a simple FAQ that could be a resource for all...

Business Owner: Why To Start Planning Now

At JP Architects Ltd., we're seeing a turn in commercial investment. More inquiries each week are coming from business owners looking for design services for business renovations, build-outs, mixed-use building development and new construction. This blog dives into why you should start planning now.

Business Owner: What To Expect During Your Project From Design Thru Construction

we're taking this opportunity to highlight the process of a commercial space build-out, renovation, addition or new construction.

Business Owner: Our Experience Working With a Franchisee

REALIZE the Possibilities. DESIGN Your Reality. INFLUENCE Your Life & Community.   JP Architects, Ltd. provides architectural design services for a franchisee of a nationwide franchise. Here's a look into this relationship.   The franchisee reached out to JP Architects, Ltd. when they were...

Business Owner: Why Restaurant Owners Should Bring An Architect Along When Walking Potential Locations

If you're a restaurant owner who's expanding or opening brand new concept you should have an architect by your side when walking through a potential space, and here's why.

Business Owner: Importance of Local Design Partners for Franchisors and Franchisees

At JP Architects, Ltd. we understand the specific design challenges that accompany a franchise build-out. This blog dives into why you need a partner like us by your side.

Business Owner: Is It Cheaper to Build a New Commercial Dwelling or Renovate an Existing Space to Fit Your Needs?

"Would It Be More Affordable to Build a New Commercial Dwelling or Renovate an Existing Space to Fit Your Needs?"

Business Owner: Dental Office Build-Out

While dental office build-outs do pose specific challenges, an experienced architect can design solutions and accomplish the business-owners vision.

Business Owner: Account for These Three Aspects in Your Commercial Renovation or Build-Out Timeline

There are some aspects of the process you need to take into consideration when putting together a projected and accurate timeline. We'll highlight those below.

Business Owner: Industrial Warehouse Office Renovation

Looking to modernize your facility for the 21st century and beyond. This blog dives into how JP Architects, Ltd. can help you do that.

Business Owner: Will This All Fit in My Space? Our Case Study Says It Will

Office Build-Out Case Study Project Overview: An insurance company, located in Oak Lawn, IL, enlisted the commercial architectural services of JP Architects, Ltd. to design their new office space.

You’re an Entrepreneur & Business Owner, who has a storefront or office. JP Architects Ltd. Can Make It Into Your Dream Office & Help Differentiate Your Business from the Others!

Earlier this year, we wrote about how commercial renovations and remodels make you more attractive to the public, your clients and prospective clients. Well, I wanted to take the opportunity and highlight this topic again.

Commercial Renovations / Remodel? JP Architects Ltd. has YOU Covered

Well, my expertise and experience as a commercial architect tells me that your office atmosphere and exterior image greatly affect how employees, the public, clients and prospects perceive you! It's important to provide an inviting and comfortable all-around experience, and here's why!