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Commercial Renovations / Remodel? JP Architects Ltd. has YOU Covered

You may be thinking your office is perfect how it is. You may also be thinking your exterior image and facade doesn't affect your brand or how people perceive you.


Well, my expertise and experience as a commercial architect tells me that your office atmosphere and exterior image greatly affect how employees, the public, clients and prospects perceive you! It's important to provide an inviting and comfortable all-around experience, and here's why!


In a previous blog, I explained why and how office atmosphere affects employee morale and performance. You can either click the link above or check it out here! However, I never highlighted how office atmosphere and exterior image affect how you're perceived.


Think about it this way. The public, a prospect or current client have a pre-conceived notion about your business if your office and building look like they are right out of the 1970s. Providing a superior service does not only come down to producing high-quality work anymore. You ultimately have to show you're aware of what a 21st century experience entails to separate yourself from the competition. Office updates and architectural / commercial renovations can do just that!


And here's the thing, JP Architects, Ltd. has a desire to help you make these changes. Since the beginning of 2017, we have designed 5-7 commercial / business renovations of all different budgets! These range from office redesigns and small business design to completely new exterior and entrances for large commercial factories and office buildings. So you can see that the renovation doesn't necessarily have to be large (in some cases it is needed), but a redesign to an open concept office or furniture and fixture changes can bring your office into the 21st century.


Old office to New Office Remodel Example



Why to Use an Architect for a Commercial / Office Renovation / Remodel?




  •  Design Development

  • To see the big picture

  • Permitting and Paperwork

  • Go-Green Options

  • Money $$$ saving opportunities in the end

  • Oversee the job / Owner representation




Until Next Time,


Jose R. Pareja, AIA