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What JP Architects, Ltd. Really Means When We Say We Want to Influence the Way People Work Through Architectural Design

In previous posts, I have talked about how JP Architects, Ltd. practices work/life balance; however, I have never really highlighted our core principle of influencing the way people work. You see, at JP Architects, Ltd., we have a vision of what the 21st century workplace is – from the way the space is designed to the furniture and amenities.


This vision was developed from my previous experiences with some of the largest architecture firms in Chicago and by researching some of the most innovative companies in today’s market, including Facebook, Google and co-working facilities.


So I wanted to use this blog entry to share our thoughts on how architectural design influences the way people work.


  • In today’s expensive office space market (for both the renter and property owner), it is important to find ways to keep property taxes on the facility low. This will make the property owner happy 🙂 (yay!) and also keep rent at a lower cost for the tenant. We believe the best way to accomplish this is by designing a building that holds both commercial office space and residential living (similar to the image below).

Residential and Commercial Office Space Example

Now you may be wondering, “Jose, how does this influence the way people work?” Well the answer is two-fold. First, if you’re the business owner who is renting in a facility like this, you have reasonable rent and taxes, which, in my opinion, makes for a happy, less stressed business owner. You’re not the Grinch and employees actually enjoy your presence (yay for no tension). Secondly, you or your employees can choose to live above the business – which makes the commute non-existent, and we all know how brutal traveling to the office can be! Avoiding it ensures that you or your employees will be motivated and ready to work each and every day!


  • JP Architects, Ltd. knows that the days of the cubicle are long gone. Open concept offices are here people! With each and every commercial design, we make sure to provide our customers with a modern, organized, open concept feel. No longer will your employees feel like they are shut out from the rest of the team. The CEO and Managers are all available by simply just walking over to their desk or office. There have been many studies conducted that have proven this type of office environment breeds innovation and motivates employees. (See image below for example)

Open Concept Office Example



  • JP Architects, Ltd. knows that the design of the commercial / business space needs to account for the amenities that will be included within it. We make sure to listen to the customer’s needs and wants and account for those things in the design. Does the design include all electrical, plumbing, ventilation, etc? Our designs do. Does the design adhere to the local building codes? Our designs do. For example, for one of our current commercial clients, the Gateway Inn of Oak Lawn, we designed a new lobby for them that will have breakfast area for guests and living quarters above the lobby. We accounted for the space to build this and worked with the local Village’s Government and Architecture and Design Commission to make sure our design adhered to local building codes. (See images below for example of our own design and other of amenities in modern day offices)

Gateway Inn Remodel

Example of making space for interior amenities


Now that you have a little insight into how my firm, JP Architects, Ltd. intends to influence the way the 21st century works, please pass our message on to your network. It is our goal to make a difference in workplace culture through design – ultimately creating a space that inspires innovation, motivation and change! I hope you enjoyed reading. Please let me know your thoughts.


Until Next Time,

Jose R. Pareja, AIA

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