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How To Differentiate Your

Business Owner: How To Distinguish Your Cafe Lounge or Commercial Build-Out with the Help of a Design Partner

REALIZE the Possibilities. DESIGN Your Reality. INFLUENCE Your Life & Community.


JP Architects, Ltd. was engaged by a business owner to transform an existing storefront in Blue Island into an attractive gathering space for the community.


The main question our client had was how could we make this space unique to the community and different from other existing gathering spaces?


So…JP Architects, Ltd.’s Associate Principal & Design Lead Jay Miranda did what he does best and conceptualized a design on a budget that represents the local community and is aesthetically-pleasing, comfortable, and functional.


This specific project was located in a Hispanic Neighborhood, which is reflected in many of the design details and finishes proposed for the build-out. Check out some interior elevations and floor plans for the space below.



JP Architects, Ltd. specializes in helping our partners distinguish their facilities and influence the community in which they’re located. From design details and finishes to creative and functional floor plans, our team can bring your vision into reality.


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