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Business Owner: Why Restaurant Owners Should Bring An Architect Along When Walking Potential Locations

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The title of this "Business Owner" blog explains it all. So, we'll keep this one short and simple. If you're a restaurant owner who's expanding or opening brand new concept you should have an architect by your side when walking through a potential space, and here's why:


  1. If the space was previously a restaurant, then the architect can help determine the extent of work required to refurbish the kitchen space. Some of the items that need to evaluated include the exhaust hood and fire suppression system, the existing plumbing for three-compartment sinks and hand sinks, is there a ventilation system for make-up air, and space available for storage and coolers.

  2. If the space was not previously a restaurant, then the architect can help locate the best spot for the kitchen space. Can the structure handle the addition of an exhaust hood, how much of the floor will need to opened up for the installation of plumbing for sinks and a grease trap.

  3. Depending on the age of the building, washrooms are always a concern. The washrooms will need to evaluated for accessibility needs. Are they large enough? Can grab bars be installed?

  4. The other thing to consider is space for seating. How many tables and chairs can realistically fit in the space without interfering with exiting.

  5. Is there a second floor that will have seating or party rooms? You'll legally need an elevator and an architect can determine the feasibility of placing an elevator.

  6. Are your entrances ADA compliant? An architect can help determine if they are and what, if any, changes are necessary.

  7. Does this potential building meet local, federal and industry building and zoning requirements? An architect will identify any glaring issues upon walk-through.



Restaurant owners - the value of an architectural partner extends beyond producing documents. We can help guide you through the early, important stages of taking your dream from idea to reality.


One last point: While the above details address specific issues for restaurant owners, you can apply this same concept to any business owner who is searching for space. The bottom line is an architect can help you determine which potential location best meets the needs of your business venture.



Until next time,

Jose R. Pareja, AIA


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