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Optometry Office

Optometry Office Build-Out

JP Architects, Ltd. provided design services on an Optometry Office Build-Out in Palos Heights, IL. This is our case study.


Premier Family Vision Care obtained a building that was previously an accountant / professional service office. Imagine — An older office building straight out of the 1980s. Lots of walls, closed-off, no natural light. Not very inviting. The place needed a complete transformation to fit the needs of a modern optometry office.


So what did this project entail?

  1. Programming
  2. Schematic Design
  3. Design Development
  4. Construction Documents
  5. Construction Administration
  6. New MEP+FP Systems
  7. New Roof
  8. New Windows
  9. Optometry Specific Equipment
  10. ADA Compliant Bathrooms
  11. Private Office Space
  12. Waiting & Welcome Area / Common Area / Purchase Area
  13. ADA Compliant Entrance with Ramp
  14. Coordination with Optometry Office Interior Designer


JP Architects, Ltd. worked with the client to design a space that fit their needs. The interior required a complete re-working of the floor plan, removal and replacement of walls, new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection throughout and integration of Optometry equipment.


Furthermore, a big aspect of this project was the re-working of the exterior ramp and stairs to make the entrance ADA compliant and more aesthetically-pleasing for the overall facility. Prior to this design work, the building entrance was not accessible. With a new business moving into the location, the City of Palos Heights required this area to meet current building and zoning requirements. The client was happy to have a firm like JP Architects, Ltd. on their team because we were able to guide them through this process and relieve any stress they were feeling about additional exterior work.


“The addition of the ramp and how JP Architects, Ltd. reworked it really added a lot to the exterior feel of the building,” Owner Dr. Katie Narbone said. “I think it’s beautiful and made our building much more welcoming.”

JP Architects, Ltd. drafted permit and bid-ready construction documents. We were onsite throughout construction to answer contractor questions. We worked alongside an interior designer to ensure all elements had necessary equipment connections and space to function. The outcome was a functional and modern optometry office – a great adaptive re-use of an existing facility and addition to the Palos Heights, IL business landscape. Check out some photos below.



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Jose R. Pareja

President | JP Architects, Ltd.



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