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Business Owner: Industrial Warehouse Office Renovation

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Many industrial warehouses and factories are in desperate need of a renovation of their office space.


They are outdated, not ADA compliant, uncomfortable for employees and in need of mechanical, electrical & plumbing updates. Overall, the space requires a refresh to bring the facility into the future.


So...if this describes your office space, you've come to the right place. JP Architects, Ltd. is here to share with you the solutions we provided our client, North American Warehousing Company, on their office remodel.


What did the office look like before the renovation?

[caption id="attachment_786" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Existing Floor Plan for Industrial Office Renovation This is the existing floor plan for and Industrial Office Renovation in Bedford Park, Illinois.[/caption]


The use of space on the existing floor plan wasn't effective or efficient. The design needed updating.

What isn't pictured? The mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire systems needed replacing to become more energy efficient and up to code. The bathrooms and entire space was not ADA compliant. The flooring, lighting, paint colors and other aesthetics were outdated.

You get the picture.


The real question though -- What's the solution?


Answer? Realize. Design. Influence.


So that's what North American Warehousing Company did. They realized they had needed a renovation, reached out to JP Architects, Ltd. to design their new space and influenced their employees and office culture with the renovated space.


What did the office look like after renovation?

[caption id="attachment_787" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Renovated Floor Plan for Industrial Office Space Renovated Industrial Office Floor Plan for North American Warehousing in Bedford Park, Illinois[/caption]


Woah. That's quite the transformation. How did everything fit? Through architectural design, we were able to effectively use the office space - making it feel much larger, organized & modern. By adding four additional private offices and making the large open office space, breakroom and conference room more functional, we provided the North American Warehousing Company with a space that not only satisfied their current needs, but also accounted for future circumstances.


What did architectural design account for on this office renovation? Full mechanical equipment updates, including a roof top unit and duct work, new electrical panels and circuits, low voltage, ADA compliance for bathrooms and space, new supply and waste piping, lighting, flooring, acoustical ceiling, painting, fire protection, new windows, doors, safety & technological enhancements and overall renovation of the space to achieve client goals.


How did this commercial renovation become reality? Initially, JP Architects, Ltd. provided a feasibility study to see what's possible within the overall size constraints the space had to offer. Following that, we discussed what the client's vision was for the space. What exactly were they trying to achieve and the different rooms within the space? We then proceeded to create the program and draft the schematic designs.

After a couple in person meetings to review the schematic floor plans with the client, changes were finalized and accounted for. We produced the construction documents, which included all local building and zoning requirements and construction instructions for the general contractor. With these, the client pulled permit and the renovation began. We visited the site a handful of times throughout the renovation to perform construction administration and ensure there were not any questions or inconsistencies from the plans.

AND the rest is HISTORY!

Construction completed, inspection passed, NEW OFFICE OPENED!


Caution: Do not expect a two week turn-around. This happened over the course of several months. What you see on TV shows is not reality. Design takes time. Permits take time. Construction takes time. Perfection takes time.


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Until next time,


Jose R. Pareja, AIA



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