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Business Owner: Importance of Local Design Partners for Franchisors and Franchisees

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Scenario: You've taken the leap into owning your own business and determined that franchising is the best route for you. You've found the perfect location and acquired the architectural documents from your franchisor. You bring these documents to the city / town building department to pull permit and get construction started, but they tell you changes must be made to the documents to account for LOCAL building and zoning requirements.

That's where a local architect, like JP Architects Ltd., comes in handy!

We've seen this exact situation unfold multiple times with the franchisees that we provide architectural services for. Simply put, having a local architect on your team helps you avoid delays and ensures that your build-out stays on schedule and passes inspection.

Added benefits of local architectural services for your franchise build-out: 

  1. At JP Architects, Ltd. we systematize all info and branding so that future build-outs are more cost-effective and design is streamlined.

  2. Enhanced construction administration is included, which means site visits and a local design professional to call

  3. Local knowledge of building requirements and relationships with the building departments in the town where your new franchise will be located



A different point of view

Employing the services of a local architectural firm is your added protection / insurance policy that brings your vision and dream into reality.


The Final Word - Why Choose Us

At JP Architects, Ltd. we understand the specific design challenges that accompany a franchise build-out. We implement solutions that move you closer to the finish line, faster. We're by your side throughout construction and we are local which means we're available to answer questions and quickly arrive on site, if necessary.



Until next time,

Jose R. Pareja, AIA


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