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Commercial Developments: Tech Incubator – Transforming Underserved Communities with Modern, Community-Based Design & Amenities

REALIZE the Possibilities. DESIGN Your Reality. INFLUENCE Your Life & Community.



Underserved communities don't have the same opportunities for their residents and it starts with infrastructure and businesses that allow opportunities for growth and further investment into the community.


In its simplest form, community-based design is all about transforming the current environment and creating a destination that benefits residents and visitors and attracts new business / community investment. We've witnessed this concept's success throughout many underserved areas in the city. Look at Fulton Market / West Loop....completely transformed. What about Printer's Row? Completely transformed. Pilsen....completely transformed. Wicker Park and Logan Square....completely transformed.


And a perfect example of community-based design within JP Architects, Ltd.'s portfolio is our tech incubator design for one of Chicago's Southside neighborhoods.


The idea here is to create a tech hub as the center-point for new community investment. Essentially, this concept encourages innovation and invention - one of the fastest growing and coveted areas of our economy. At JP Architects, Ltd. we believe it's important to bring modern concepts to underserved communities. It would be a disservice to the residents to continue to design and construct solutions that have failed over and over.


However, our intent is not to dismantle the neighborhood's authenticity; we want to revitalize it while enhancing the public realm. The design itself will reflect the people and culture of the neighborhood. Our tech incubator has an outdoor gathering area and plaza for the community to utilize. We invite residents in...we don't shut them out.

This is an image of the site plan for the Tech Incubator Solution


With any community-based design, the residents must benefit from the development. We can't forget this is about providing equitable opportunities for underserved areas. So what are some other design elements to include in a community-based design:




  1. Murals that portray the neighborhood's diverse history, as well as, present

  2. Multi-use facilities and affordable housing

  3. Public space

  4. Modern commercial space for restaurants and a thriving business sector



Ultimately, it only takes one new concept to begin the transformation of an entire neighborhood. Underserved communities deserve a new sense of life and the ability to succeed moving forward. At JP Architects Ltd., we REALIZE we have the unique opportunity to DESIGN inclusive solutions that transform and INFLUENCE underserved communities.



Until Next Time,

Jose R. Pareja, AIA




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