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Commercial Developments: Master Planning and Commercial Growth

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Have you ever wondered why one community attracts commercial and retail investment over another? It all starts with having a comprehensive master plan in place and here's why.


A master plan is the catalyst for any thriving commercial sectors within a community as it identifies each "commercial corridor" and which businesses are preferred / most likely to succeed in that location. This changes the commercial landscape because it provides an identity for each corridor. Instead of filling empty store fronts with short-term, random solutions, communities with a master plan in place can target prospective businesses that exhibit characteristics of the specific commercial area.


Additionally, as part of the plan, a feasibility study is conducted. This study looks at each commercial parcel. It indicates the current use of the space, whether it's a candidate for redevelopment, what type of businesses fit within the corridor, traffic flow and parking capabilities, what amenities (traffic lights, street lights, walking and bike paths, public transportation, drop-offs, etc.) are necessary and how the specific area is zoned.


This provides community decision makers and economic development professionals with insight into how to grow their commercial sector. For example, if a zoning adjustment is necessary to accommodate the businesses and developments envisioned for a certain corridor, the feasibility study will specify this, and the decision makers can institute changes accordingly. Simply put, a comprehensive and current master plan will allow communities to be strategic in their efforts.


Now, instituting a master plan is not something that happens overnight. It requires buy-in from the entire community. It's critical to stay the course and not cave for short term successes. Master planning is all about transforming the future and bringing thriving commercial and retail investment into your community.


Is your community longing for a re-energized commercial and retail presence? Let's have a conversation.


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