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An Unexpected

Office Building to Condo Transformation

REALIZE the Possibilities. DESIGN Your Reality. INFLUENCE Your Life & Community.



You’re a building owner or investor. The market is changing, and the traditional use of your space / building is no longer attractive, functional, or lucrative. You have two options. Sell the building or invest in your building.


Well, if you choose to invest, we have a solution that’ll transform the space into a thriving destination for the future.  



A client engaged JP Architects, Ltd. to transform their suburban two-story office building into a variety of three-, two- and one-bedroom condos. Beyond interior floor plans and layouts for the new spaces, JP Architects, Ltd. developed exterior elevations to show an upgraded façade & roofline, added / replaced windows and enhanced landscaping, lighting, roof line and other exterior elements. These preliminary design efforts are intended to be presented to the local municipality for approval to move forward.






It was also determined there was extra space on the office complex plot to construct an additional eight duplex townhomes. These high-end properties are a major added value to our client’s portfolio.  




Many suburban areas are experiencing housing shortages while also having a surplus of office space. This solution brings some much-needed inventory to the market and provides building owners and investors with an option for transforming their space into a concept that aligns with demand and positions their investment for future success.


As your architectural partner, JP Architects, Ltd. helps you realize what’s possible with your existing space. Whether it’s an office building, retail center, restaurant, department store, etc., we specialize in producing innovative design solutions that effectively and strategically re-use the current space and maximize earning potential. Let’s talk architecture – 708.907.3651.




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