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Chicago's 'Come Home' Plan
Case Study

Commercial Developments: Chicago’s ‘Come Home’ Plan – Building Blocks One Lot at a Time

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Chicago recently kicked-off a new program called ‘Come Home’ - ChiBlockBuilder to help streamline the purchase of City-owned properties across the South and West Sides and increase transparency about the land sales process.


This program is designed to encourage the purchase and redevelopment of City-owned vacant land in partnership with community stakeholders – ultimately transforming these empty city-owned lots into thriving community developments. These communities have long been neglected, and eligible land uses for the spaces include housing, side yards, commercial developments, open neighborhood space and any use allowed under zoning. Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development has developed a website that consolidates all city-owned properties onto an interactive map for developers and interested parties to easily view these development opportunities.


As you dive into the interactive map, you’ll recognize there is a major need for affordable and new housing developments. Currently, there are over 2000 properties available with more coming in future, and, at JP Architects, Ltd., we want to bring attention to similar projects we completed on the Near West Side and East Garfield Park neighborhoods.


JP Architects, Ltd. was contacted by a developer to design a single-family housing solution for three vacant lots. JP Architects, Ltd. developed a solution that maximized the lot space and provided the area with a modern aesthetic. Additionally, as with many city lots, there wasn’t much of an opportunity to create outdoor living spaces so we had to get creative with rooftop access, a back deck and a small green space in front of the home. This a prototype home for our developer partner who intends to build on the adjacent vacant land.


The ChiBlockBuilder program is a great opportunity for developers to reimaginethe future for these communities. Whether your intention is to create single family homes, multi family residences, mixed-use facilities, commercial developments or affordable housing, JP Architects, Ltd. can help you conceptualize a solution for any city-owned vacant land and navigate the process of getting your project from idea to reality. 





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