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A Solution for Cannabis Licensees

A Design-Build Solution for Cannabis Facilities

REALIZE the Possibilities. DESIGN Your Reality. INFLUENCE Your Life and Community.


Recently, while sitting in a meeting with Cresco Labs and listening to the challenges that Illinois Social Equity Cannabis Licensees are facing, it occurred there is a need for a comprehensive team to help new licensees move through the construction process. The recurring theme was licensees are having a challenging time finding access to capital, space that fits their needs and adheres to state regulations and strict timelines to open the facilities they have been awarded. With this said, it is important for design and construction to run smoothly when funding and space are acquired.  This blog will dive into a solution that streamlines design and construction and preserves your project budget...





What is Design-Build?

Design-build is a method of project delivery in which one entity - the design-build team – works with the project owner to provide design and construction services. This saves money and time by transforming the relationship between designers and builders into an alliance which fosters collaboration and teamwork. United from the outset of the project, an integrated team works towards achieving the owner’s pre-determined budget and set goals. In the simplest terms, Design-Build benefits the project owner in the following ways:

  • Faster Delivery
  • Cost Savings and Budget Accuracy
  • Streamlined Communication



How Design-Build Can Help Social Equity Cannabis Licensees in Illinois?

A Design-Build team will provide licensees with the turn-key solution that will bring their dispensary and cannabis infusion or grow facility from idea to reality. No longer will you need spend valuable time searching for separate professionals to complete design and construction. We understand as part of award there are certain milestones that licensees must meet. A design-build team will work to keep the project on timeline and budget. This is because the general contractor and architect are working together from the onset of the project, which means materials can be ordered earlier in the process, and unforeseen conditions are less likely to occur because the team is walking the site together - ultimately allowing for a smooth-running construction experience. Additionally, the project budget is at the forefront of any design or construction decision. As a design-build team, we are able to establish more accurate estimates and collaborate to meet our partner’s budget.



The Solution You’ve Been Searching For

JP Architects, Ltd. and Blackwood Group, LLC have come together to form a design-build team that can support social equity cannabis licensees in Illinois on their journey to opening their space and transforming their lives and community. JP Architects, Ltd. is a cannabis dispensary designer, who has direct knowledge of the design requirements for dispensaries and cannabis facilities as we help multiple licensees develop plans for their submissions. We also understand aesthetic, interior design details and customer experience are the details that set your facility apart from the others, and we specialize in emphasizing these within the design.


Additionally, Blackwood Group, LLC can be trusted to construct your location, as their background in build-outs, renovation and new construction is extensive. Blackwood Group understands the intricacies of cannabis facility construction, including all security elements, vault, and consumer area considerations. Blackwood Group has a long history of high-quality craftsmanship and on-time performance.


Beyond our individual firm accomplishments and knowledge of cannabis facility design, JP Architects, Ltd. and Blackwood Group, LLC. have tangible experience with the design-build methodology. Together, we perform services for a partner who is transforming an existing Ace Hardware into an Aquatic Therapy Center. This methodology has allowed our partner to confidently secure funding because the budget estimate our team set forth during design. It is important to also note, we are already working in the areas in which Illinois Social Equity Cannabis Licensees are intending to open their facilities. This means our team has familiarity with the City’s permit and review process.



The Bottom Line

You have been awarded the licenses. It is time to find a location and design and build a major contributor to the local and state economy. Our team is the turn-key solution that can support you and make this happen. We stand ready to help Illinois Social Equity Cannabis Licensees finish the job and influence their life and community.


Let’s talk cannabis facility design – 708.907.3651.



Until next time,


Jose R. Pareja

President | JP Architects, Ltd.



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