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JP Architects, Ltd. – Embracing Technology and Re-Defining Work/Life Balance in Architecture

In my previous experiences with the several architecture firms where I worked, I always needed to be in the office to complete client drafts and drawings - all employees did. This led to me consistently putting in 60-80-hour weeks.


Don't get me wrong, I am a workaholic, and I really did enjoy the work. This commitment got me to where I am now. One time, I even remember a situation where my boss was leaving and on his way out, told me I needed to go home.


This was a turning point in my career. I knew that missing my children's events or not being home with family was no longer acceptable. It laid the foundation for the core principle of JP Architects, Ltd.'s culture - work/life balance.


The first step to achieving this balance was to find a way to where I didn't always need to be in the office to complete the work. After researching many different options, I found the solution - a cloud-based virtual desktop through Nerdio IT.


What this allowed me to do is keep my overhead low, which is crucial for a small business. By this, I mean that there is no computer or server space I need to account for in my office. The only equipment in my office is an Internet router and a Samsung Zero Client Monitor.


Monitor JP Architects, Ltd. Uses


So for example, let's say I am onboarding a new employee, I do not have to buy a whole new computer or more server space. This method is not traditional or heavily used throughout the architecture industry, which is why I believe Oak Lawn-based JP Architects, Ltd. is pushing the fold and showing we are different than other architecture firms!


Our clients also enjoy the fact that we use cloud-based virtual desktops, especially businesses and school districts, as it is virtually impossible for viruses to infect the system or for security breaches to occur. This means that their files and secure information are extremely safe.


Lastly, I didn't only pursue an option like this for myself. I know that when employees have a good work/life balance motivation is higher, their work ethic is improved and their personal relationships are better. These aspects directly affect the work that we produce.


Before I sign off on this blog, I would like to tell a story about how using a cloud-based virtual desktop has impacted my life. I often find myself on the go and heading to client projects. I was at a client in Chicago's Northern Suburbs, and I received a call from another client who needed some adjustments to their drawings. This was a time-sensitive situation. So after the meeting, I was able to head to the nearest coffee shop to work remotely on my tablet and make the necessary adjustments.


This would have never been possible if I had needed to be in the office in order to gain access to the client's drawings. I pride myself on using the latest technology, which is evident through JP Architects, Ltd.'s forward-thinking mindset. It is awesome to see that we have really embraced technology and re-defined work/life balance in the architecture industry. The best part is - JP Architects, Ltd. is only getting started.



Until next time,


Jose R. Pareja, AIA