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JP Architects, Ltd. – What Work/Life Balance is Really All About & My Vision for Its Use in My Architecture Firm


Hello and Happy Holidays!


I want to take last month's blog, where I talked about how JP Architects, Ltd. has embraced the concept of Work/Life Balance, a step further. We all know that work/life balance is great for employee motivation, but as an employer and business owner, sometimes it may be hard to understand what value it brings to a company. My intent is to give you some insight into its significance at JP Architects, Ltd.


I truly believe that a company's greatest asset is its employees. Therefore, in my eyes and at my architecture firm, work/life Balance is really about how I value my employees. When an employee feels valued, I have found that they are passionate about their work and employer. They are ready to take chances and reach beyond the norm. As a manager and business owner, this is fantastic to see.


My desire with JP Architects, Ltd. was to create a culture where employees didn't feel like management was holding them back. This idea originated from my previous experiences working at some of the largest architecture firms in Chicago. My best managers always put me in situations where I could succeed. They always pushed me to go beyond my limits, which in my opinion is the only way to achieve greatness.





"A Company's Greatest Asset Is Its Employees" - Jose R. Pareja, AIA



My plan is to continue improving upon this non-traditional approach. Generally, I have found that many architecture firms are just worried about their bottom line. At JP Architects, Ltd., I never want an employee to feel like they are just a cog in the revenue machine.


So to avoid this, I am going to make sure that when the company is doing well, the employees are also doing well. Out of college, I worked for an architecture firm that utilized this method. Anytime that company achieved a 15% profit margin, everyone received a bonus. Now, some may ask, doesn't this hurt the office and create unneeded competition? Great Question! However, I actually have found the opposite. This brings the team closer as everyone is working towards one common goal and reward.


At JP Architects, Ltd., I have taken this concept and implemented some creative approaches to show my employees that they are valued. All employees receive the following opportunities:










  • Reimbursement for ARE Licensing Exams

  • Consistent Upgrades on Equipment

  • Professional Development Opportunities

  • A Budget to Join Industry Organizations

  • Purchasing of Exam Study Materials

  • A Budget to Purchase Other Work-Related Materials


I provide these opportunities because I truly am interested in the growth of my employees and care to see them succeed. My hope is that approaches like this become widely accepted throughout the industry, but for now, it is great to see this type of culture come to fruition at JP Architects, Ltd. I plan to continue to embrace and expand these employee benefits and opportunities as we grow - with the ultimate goal being the reward of a bonus!




Until next time,


Jose R. Pareja, AIA