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JP Architects, Ltd’s Involvement in the Oak Lawn Chamber of Commerce and Our Advice to YOU

When I first started JP Architects, I knew it was extremely important to be in involved in the community where I work. Joining the Oak Lawn Chamber was the first step towards achieving this. The Oak Lawn Chamber is one of the most active chambers in the area. By this, I mean they give you many chances to connect with other business owners and the community through events and leadership opportunities.


Now, let me highlight something very important. Just joining the chamber will not result in new business opportunities - you need to show you're a committed and active member, either by consistently attending & participating in events or joining one of the numerous chamber committees.


For me, I thought it was important to help prospective member businesses understand the reasons to join the chamber, which is why I joined the Ambassador Committee. As a member of the Ambassador Committee, I participate in many great events, including our new and prospective member breakfast and our lunch and learn series. We also walk door-to-door during the summer months to talk with businesses that are not involved in the chamber about becoming a member.


This is an excellent opportunity because it provides me with a great understanding of the Oak Lawn area and allows me to network with business owners who may have never heard of JP Architects, Ltd. I am able to present my service directly to them and share my experience about how the chamber catapulted JP Architects into success during our first year. This builds trust with the business owner and if they ever do need an architect for a home or business facility update, I am top of mind! As a matter of fact, I have received several projects from the Oak Lawn Chamber, including an insurance office and the redesign of a classic Oak Lawn business, the Gateway Inn of Oak Lawn.


JP Architects, Ltd. has also participated in many community events through the chamber. This has allowed me to gain a positive reputation within the community, put a face to my business and obtain several home renovation and addition projects right in the Oak Lawn area. One event that specifically comes to mind is our annual Small Business Saturday "Shop Oak Lawn" Showcase. I offered a special deal for community members who attended and converted a few into actual paying customers.


After one year of involvement in the Oak Lawn Chamber, I was asked to co-chair our business showcase and become a board member. Although these positions just recently started, I look forward to the challenge because the impact that our board and committees can have on the community and chamber overall is special!


Oak Lawn Chamber Induction Ceremony Full Board Photo

(This image was taken at the Oak Lawn Chamber Installation Dinner, where I was installed as a board member)



As you can see, being involved in the community in which I work has paid off for me; however, I did not create this blog to just BRAG about my success through the chamber. Actually, that didn't even cross my mind. I truly believe becoming involved in the community in which you work can pay off for you too, and I wanted to share my experience to show there are endless possibilities and opportunities for success! GET INVOLVED & STAY INVOLVED!



Until next time,

Jos? R. Pareja, AIA