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Restaurant Solutions: How to Keep Your Restaurant Renovation / Build-Out Project On Budget

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As a national brand, staying on budget consists of many moving parts. The considerations vary depending on whether your project is new construction or renovation / build-out. This blog will discuss some overall factors, as well as, specific build-out / renovation situations that influence whether or not a project stays on budget.



The most important overall factor for national brands to stay on budget is a cohesive and clear project schedule. What do we mean by this? National brands generally aren't only opening one location per year. The focus is on expansion through design and construction of multiple locations. Therefore, the project schedule is referring to the brands future development pipeline. This information must be communicated with your architectural partner and vendors. That way, your partners are able to plan and research to get a jumpstart on design and purchase inventory in advance, which will ultimately keep you on budget because the location will open on schedule.



Bottom line: Material delays, as well as, incomplete construction documents become very costly. Clear communication about the future development pipeline will ensure your partners are prepared to accommodate all project needs throughout the year.





Now onto some budget considerations for renovations and build-outs of restaurants. These can sometimes save money, but more importantly, they ensure the project budget is met and hopefully, never surpassed. At JP Architects Ltd., we explore similar finishes and material options in order to align these items with the budget. This is really where cost increases occur and if we can find a similar option that accomplishes our clients vision, it is a win for everyone. Furthermore, it's important to identify the previous use of the existing space your restaurant is moving into. Why? Because if it was previously a restaurant, the opportunity to reuse kitchen equipment and mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems could result in a major cost savings for the client. Lastly, at JP Architects Ltd., we believe it's critical to obtain multiple bids in order to secure the most competitive price from your general contractor partner pool. It's important to note that accurate drawings are the easiest route to procuring the most competitive price from your general contractor pool. At JP Architects Ltd., we support our partners in this effort through our strict quality assurance and quality control processes.



To wrap this up...there are certain actions that can be performed to ensure your restaurant renovation / build-out project stays on budget. Your design partner should help identify these items, as they're primarily the first professional service on the job. Simply put, design lays the foundation for a successful, on-budget project.





At JP Architects Ltd., we understand the specific budget considerations national brands encounter at each point of a project. Our only goal is to keep your project on budget and within your timeline. We have established strict design standards and processes that systematize design to ensure timely, accurate and complete document delivery and enhance client experience - ultimately creating a mutually-beneficial relationship and partnership.


Whether you're looking for an architectural partner to site adapt plans or design the entirety of your restaurant renovation / build-out, JP Architects, Ltd. is here for you. Let's talk restaurant solutions.




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