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Prototype Development vs
Site Adapt Plans

Restaurant Solutions: Site Adapt Plans - Prototype Development is Just the Beginning

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A major aspect of architectural design for national brand restaurants, expanding restaurant concepts and restaurant investment groups is the development and delivery of site adapt plans.


Our national brand restaurant partners and restaurant investment groups often come to JP Architects, Ltd. with a prototype already in-hand. We take that prototype and adapt it to the specific site, whether it’s new construction or a build-out of an existing structure.


Each site has its own unique constraints or details that must be factored into the design documents to make it work for your concept. These include a variety of factors that affect design, including site specific elements (site size, entry, exit, parking, traffic flow, building & site lighting, drainage), municipality ordinances that affect finish / building material selection and development design criteria (if you are building / selecting a site within an existing development), to name a few.


An example of site adapt planning at JP Architects, Ltd…We’re working with a national brand restaurant on multiple 2nd generation restaurant design projects (i.e. transforming an existing restaurant into a Red Robin). We’re utilizing this brand’s newest 2021 prototype and adapting it to the existing site. This includes exterior enhancements to complement the restaurants current branding, as well as interior design, renovation and kitchen and environmental design.


JP Architects, Ltd. visited each site with the client to conduct a site survey, take measurements and investigate site specific details. We discussed the project program, expectations for a delivery timeline and specific design challenges posed by the existing building. Armed with this information, we returned to the office and began working on site specific plans / document sets for each location and producing exterior elevations. We stand by our partners side throughout the entire design and permitting process and throughout construction.


So, to wrap this up and bring it back to the title of our article, the prototype is just the beginning…it provides a framework for each location.


Note: At JP Architects, Ltd., we provide prototype development and management for our restaurant partners. Currently, we design / manage one of our national brand partner's and Paisans Pizzeria’s prototypes.


However, to accommodate health, building and zoning requirements and to obtain permit to start construction on a specific site, you will need to side adapt the prototype.


The bottom line…JP Architects, Ltd. is ready to bring your newest location into reality.



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Ariel Delao

Vice President | JP Architects, Ltd.