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JP Architects, Ltd. – Changing How People Feel about Remodeling and Renovating

JP Architects, Ltd. intends to change the mindset that undertaking a remodel is overwhelming and unwelcomed. We understand that people have reservations about tearing their house apart; however, we want you to know this situation is not as scary as it seems, even with all the stories you may have heard. When working with JP Architects Ltd. on a remodel, you won’t feel like this:



I know what you’re thinking – all home improvement shows make a renovation look painless. I wish there was someone like them in my neighborhood.” Great news! There is. My company, JP Architects, Ltd., produces high-quality designs at an affordable price that are similar to the designs you see on these home improvement shows. I use 3D imaging software to allow customers to see what their space will look like prior to starting the actual remodel!


It doesn’t stop there. I am your advocate throughout the entire construction process – working directly alongside the contractor to ensure your project adheres to building codes, follows your plans and is completed. Our number one objective is to upgrade and improve your quality of life as efficiently and stress-free as possible.


I also include construction administration in the price so there is no added cost. I have found this allows customers to feel more comfortable and confident during their remodel. Furthermore, I am knowledgeable about the style customers enjoy. JP Architects, Ltd. understands 21st century architecture and how to deliver spaces that INSPIRE. My goal is to influence the way people live, work and learn with my designs.


Check out some images of my firm’s designs below. If you have any questions or would like to talk about a remodeling, give me a call at 708.907.3651. I would be happy to set up a meeting at my office or your house! After working with JP Architects, Ltd. you will have no other reaction but this:


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