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Why Plan The Addition To Your Home During the Winter Months?

What is one of the most common reasons our residential clients give for enlisting our architecture services?

“We’ve run out of space, but we don’t want to leave the home & neighborhood we know and love.”

(Please see our previous blog that dives deeper into the topic of staying in your neighborhood!)

Well, JP Architects, Ltd. has your solution. Renovating or building up / onto your home with an addition gives you your dream home and the necessary space to accommodate your future needs.

If this is something your thinking about for 2019, we recommend you start planning now. Here’s why.

1. Although you may not be able to start construction & building until the spring, get your unique design in place

The architectural design process is very important because it allows you to see what is possible with your space. JP Architects Ltd. includes your ideas and desires in the design. We also expand on your input and show you what is actually possible (legally and structurally). As architects, it is our job to identify design elements that you may not have even thought were options. JP Architects, Ltd. maximizes space and provides you with a unique 2D design that shows your new floor plan, layout and size of all the rooms. We also can create 3D renderings to really illustrate the outcome of your addition and renovation.  

2D Floor Plan of One of Our Previously Completed Projects
2D Floor Plan of One of Our Previously Completed Projects
This picture is a 3D rendering of one of our previously completed projects
3D Architecture Rendering of One of our Previously Completed Projects

2. With a design in place, you can begin to bid the project to builders and find one you trust

Bidding the project to several builders puts you in the ‘driver’s seat’ for securing the most competitive price possible. Starting now gives you the time to find the ‘right’ builder – one you feel comfortable with and trust. We have builders who we recommend and can give you some suggestions to get you started.

This is an Image of Builder Following and Looking at the Plans You Approved
Finding a Builder You Know and Trust is Critical — It’s Important They Follow the Design You Approved!

3. With any project, you must go through document review and permitting with your municipality

Ah. The necessary ‘evil’ you must go through to get your dream home — dealing with those municipalities. The good thing here is that JP Architects, Ltd. actually takes the lead and communicates with the municipalities for you to obtain the necessary permits and make sure your documents and designs adhere to their building regulations and laws.  

This is an Image of Someone Completing Document Review
Document Review is a Crucial Part of the Process. Municipalities Like to Know What Construction is Happening and Make Sure it Follows the Codes & Laws!

4. You’ll have more time to budget and plan for construction

Renovating or building an addition is NOT FREE. You’re making a huge investment, financially and emotionally. The more time you have to plan, the better off you are. You’ll be able to save the necessary funds and secure your living accommodations if your house is not livable during construction!

5. If you want changes made to your design or additional details added, it is better to do that before construction begins

You have no idea how many times we have had clients try to change a design during construction. This causes so many REAL headaches. The builder has to stop, the design has to be reworked and then if it the change is substantial enough, it has to be approved by the municipality, AGAIN. Starting the architecture design process during the winter months will give you the opportunity to think about and change your design if wanted. This way when it’s time for construction to begin, the process can run smoothly, and you can get back into your home quickly. NO design changes or interruptions means constant work!

So there you have it. Starting to plan now can really jump start your project come springtime. If this blog describes your situation, we’d love to talk with you, find out a little more about your project and start planning so you can have a stress-free experience.

“In winter, I plot and plan. In the spring, I move.”

– Henry Rollins

Until Next Time,

Jose R. Pareja, AIA

JP Architects, Ltd. is Chicago’s premier residential, commercial and capital improvement / educational architecture firm. Located at 7250 College Dr., Palos Heights, IL 60463, we serve all of Chicago and it’s north, west, east and south suburbs. We have completed 100’s of projects since our inception in late 2015. Our team can accommodate your needs and provide you with only the highest-quality experience. From additions and renovations to commercial architecture and capital improvement / educational projects, our expertise is unparalleled. Our goal is to not only provide exceptional designs; it is also to ensure satisfaction and stress-free experiences.

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