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Why the Architectural Design Process is so Important to Your New Construction or Remodel / Renovation

The first answer to this is plain and simple: architects will make sure your design ideas are physically possible and compliant with your town building codes. That’s good, right? But wait…. There’s more!


By enlisting the services of a skilled-architecture firm, like JP Architects Ltd., you will be provided with designs that show you all options. This goes for both business and personal projects. We find that many times our clients have a picture in their mind of what they would like, which is great as it gives us direction and insight into your preferences.


However, because of our experience and knowledge in architecture, we are able to give you design options that you may not have imagined. A prime example of this came in one of our most recent projects when we managed to solve the issue of how to add an addition to a split-level home! For this client, we were able to create something, first in 2d – followed by a 3d design, that was aesthetically pleasing on the outside and structurally sound. On the inside, this addition improved our client’s quality of life, which is ultimately our goal. (See picture below)


Example of Split Level Remodel


Furthermore, many of the additions we see in our local areas, including Mt. Greenwood and Oak Lawn, are very similar. There’s uniqueness or ingenuity; it’s just rinse and repeat. JP Architects Ltd. is changing the conversation and providing our clients with a beautiful and tasteful design that is unlike any other. We are giving our clients the ability to stay in their neighborhood, in the home they love by building up and adding more space. (See picture below for example)


Different Remodel in Mt. Greenwood, IL Inside of Mt. Greenwood Remodel


Lastly, in one of our business remodel designs, we were able to turn an old office space with many closed-off rooms into an open concept, modern dentist office with 6 treatment stations. The design allowed our client to envision their new office and ensure there was enough space between each station so that customers felt comfortable.


This image is the design documents of the Dental Office JP Architects, Ltd. Renovated


With each new architectural design by JP Architects Ltd., we continue to push towards our goal of inspiring how people live, work and learn. If you are thinking about building or remodeling in 2018, don’t ignore or forget about the design process. It really is the most important part of your project!


Please reach out with any questions. We are your local architecture firm; your design experts for any remodel or construction project you may be undertaking. We would be happy to help ease any confusion and guide you towards a better life in 2018!


Until Next Time, 


Jose R. Pareja, AIA

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